Kristina Hollinger Feng Shui

The Transformation Series with Kristina Hollinger


Design the life you deserve...


You *can* live a life of comfort, abundance, and joy.

I will help you step into your desires by sharing the manifesting wisdom of feng shui!

I have experienced miracles with feng shui, personally and professionally, over the past decade. (Hello HGTV!)

It is my intention to help you access your biggest dreams too.


My NEW Transformation Series will help you...

  • Activate the feeling you’re going ‘with’ the flow of life instead of swimming against the current by implementing simple rituals.
  • Provide secret feng shui shifts to attract the abundance of love and money you (really) desire.
  • Unlock unexpected money + opportunities, creating freedom for you to generously provide for your family (& yourself!) like you want to.
  • Give you simple adjustments to invite FLOW + EASE - not just for the *big* manifestations but for your day-to-day life.


It is my deepest honor to bring you ancient *manifesting* methods so you can step into your highest life purpose and calling.


Thank you for allowing me to serve you in any capacity. I am thankful for the expansive path we are on together!


Questions? Reach out to me at [email protected]




Select one area at a time, or get all 5 modules of The Transformation Series!

Each module includes a video lesson with Kristina and a convenient checklist!

BONUS! 8 Wealth Adjustments included with *any* purchase for a limited time.